Clay Guida Doesn’t Want to Keep Fighting When he Hits 40

Clay Guida doesn’t want to retire right now, but he also won’t overstay his welcome.

Guida is coming off a convincing victory over Erik Koch at UFC Fight Night 112. It was his first win since April 2015. Speaking with the media, the 35-year-old said he’s still in the game (via

“As long as I’m having fun and I feel like I’m improving, there’s always going to be those bumps in the road. I never look at it as ‘It’s a young man’s game,’ because I’m still young. I’m in my mid-30’s. The scientists do studies, they say the male is in their peak at in the mid-30’s still.”

With that said, “The Carpenter” doesn’t want to keep fighting for too long.

“I don’t want to be doing this when I’m 40. I love Fedor for being the man that he is, and I feel like the dude sits in the locker room, plays cards in his jeans with his feet up, eats a 12-pack of donuts and they say, ‘Alright Fedor, you’re on.’ He just jumps up, goes out and fights, and that’s just awesome. He’s a master.”

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