Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Coach on UFC 212: ‘Jose Aldo Didn’t do Some Things That we Trained’

Andre Pederneiras believes Jose Aldo didn’t use all of his weapons at UFC 212.

This past Saturday night (June 3), Aldo took on Max Holloway in a featherweight unification title bout. Holloway earned a third-round TKO victory to become the undisputed 145-pound champion.

In a recent interview with Combate, Pederneiras said Holloway started to get an edge at the end of the second round (via

“Holloway started to feel more confident in the end of the second round. He was more confident, but Aldo was fine. I said it was 2-0, that he should breathe, and I gave him the instruction about the left hand that was low. It was clear that Holloway’s game was over his low left hand.”

Many fans and analysts wondered why Aldo didn’t throw more leg kicks. It’s what had won “Scarface” many world title matches throughout the years. Pederneiras explained why his fighter’s leg kicks were nonexistent.

“I think Aldo didn’t do some things that we trained, like takedowns, for an example. And when you don’t use all your weapons, it gets complicated. Many people asked why he didn’t kick, but considering Holloway’s stance in the fight, there was the risk of Aldo throwing a kick and falling back down.”

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