Monday, June 27, 2022

Dana White Feels a 50-50 Split Between Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather is Fair

In most situations, Floyd Mayweather and a 50-50 split sounds laughable but to Dana White it’s fair against Conor McGregor.

Much has been made over a potential boxing match between McGregor and Mayweather. Many are intrigued, while others scoff at the idea of the bout. One thing is for certain, no one can deny the drawing potential of the match-up.

Mayweather has been known for making a significant amount more money than his opponents. That’s because in virtually every fight, Mayweather is the bigger draw. White feels it’s different this time.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President recently explained to reporters why he feels a 50-50 split is reasonable here (via

“We haven’t even got there yet. We haven’t even talked percentages yet. … Floyd can think whatever, but the machine that the UFC has and Conor McGregor alone is a machine by himself. I think that 50-50 is pretty fair.”

White then went on to give his prediction on how many pay-per-view buys the fight would generate.

“I think this thing does, conservatively, between 2-1/2 and 4 million buys. Other people think more. … And this thing will kill it, globally. Conor McGregor and the UFC are huge in Brazil, huge in Australia, massive in the UK and other parts of Europe.”

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