Dennis Siver Spoils BJ Penn’s Octagon Return With Decision Win

Opening up the main card for tonight’s (Sun. June 25, 2017) UFC Fight Night 112 card will be a featherweight contest between UFC Hall Of Famer BJ Penn and fellow veteran Dennis Siver. Here’s how it went down:

Round 1:

Penn comes in to push the action early and eats some body shots as a result. Siver goes for a takedown attempt but it’s stuffed. Penn lands a nice jab and pushes Siver against the cage before landing some nice high knees to Siver’s face. Siver breaks free and eats a few nice jabs.

Siver lands a nice counter left hook and knocks out Penn’s mouthpiece. He follows that up with a few hard hooks that land flush and begins to get in a rhythm. Penn throws some nice counter shots in the pocket that land and he continues to lan his jab well. The round ends with Penn landing some nice inside body shots and Siver landing a high-kick to the head.

Round 2:

Siver mixes up his strikes well but isn’t able to landing anything too effective. Penn isn’t throwing as much, but when he does, he lands more often than not. Siver lands a nice right hand and follows it up with a jab. Penn lands a hard jab that flusters Siver and Penn realizes it. He follows up with a few 1-2 combos and begins to step further into the pocket.

Penn lands a big uppercut that puts Siver down and he pounces on him for the ground-and-pound. Siver threatens an armbar but Penn gets side control. Siver intelligently ties up Penn’s arm with his legs as he holds Penn close to his body to avoid taking any hard shots. The round ends with Penn breaking free and landing a few shots to Siver’s head.

Round 3:

Siver advances early and Penn is just trying to avoid getting hit. He lands a nice spinning body kick to Penn’s body, and the Hawaiian is looking tired. Siver lands some nice shots to the body and attacks Penn’s legs. Siver lands a nice high-kick that takes Penn off balance and Siver upps the pressure of his attack.

Siver continues to viciously attack Penn’s leg and is landing some hard shots on Penn, who is in deep trouble. Another high-kick lands for Penn, who is eating a bunch of shots against the fence. The lopsided round ends with a spinning high kick for Siver.

Official Result: Dennis Siver def. BJ Penn via majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-27)