Felice Herrig Knew Justine Kish Pooped Herself in Their Bout

Felice Herrig was well aware of Justine Kish’s accident in their bout at UFC Fight Night 112.

Herrig turned in an impressive performance against Kish, earning her third straight victory. Kish was also praised despite the loss for being able to get out of bad positions. She was also the talk of the mixed martial arts community for pooping herself in the Octagon.

Herrig told TMZ Sports that she knew what was happening while the fight was going on (via MMAFighting.com):

“This is so hard because I don’t want to talk s**t. I did know [Kish pooped her shorts]. This is really hard. I really like Justine. Justine and I were cool. We’re friends and I feel like if I was in this position I wouldn’t want people talking about it and making fun of me. MMA fans are relentless and if that happened to me I honestly wouldn’t want to show my face ever again. I probably wouldn’t want to fight ever again. I know Justine’s making light of it. She made a funny Tweet about it saying “s**t happens.”