Haim Gozali Explains Why Size Won’t Matter Against Ryan Couture

Haim Gozali agrees with his Bellator 180 opponent on one thing, size won’t matter.

On June 24, Gozali and Ryan Couture will meet inside Madison Square Garden in New York City for Bellator 180. It’ll be Gozali’s second bout in Bellator.

Couture recently said size won’t be a factor in the fight. Gozali shared those same views to Bloody Elbow:

“I also don’t believe size will matter. I walk around at 183, cut 13 pounds – it’s not going to be torture or anything. We’re practically the same weight. But don’t forget that he never fought in this weight, and I’m coming from 220 – I was 212 last summer.”

Couture also said his biggest hurdle in training is when heavier fighters gain top control. Gozali doesn’t feel this will be an issue.

“In our case I don’t think that he’ll have this problem. I can fight from the bottom, from the top, anywhere. I’m letting the fight flow. I have my game plan, he has his – I don’t know how they’ll fit together. At the end of the day we’re both grapplers. That’s also why he took the fight. At first they said ‘no’ because my weight, but then they obviously saw my fights and that I don’t pose too much of a risk standing up, that he won’t get absolutely knocked out – some submission hold at worst. He counts on it that he’s a better striker than I am, even though I don’t think so so much.”