Holly Holm on KO Over Bethe Correia: ‘I Wanted to Pick a Clean Shot’

Holly Holm earned a much needed victory in emphatic fashion earlier today (June 17).

Holm took on Bethe Correia inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore. The bout served as the main event of UFC Fight Night 111.

The bout was uneventful for the first two rounds. So much so that referee Marc Goddard stopped the action and asked both fighters to engage. “The Preacher’s Daughter” obliged and delivered a highlight reel head kick knockout.

At the post-fight press conference, Holm said she wanted limit her mistakes (via MMAFighting.com):

“One of my goals for this fight was to not let it look messy. A lot of times that’s her style, she wants to get in and make it a brawl and make it look messy. I didn’t want it to look messy, I wanted it to be clean.”

Holm then went on to say that her game plan was to wait for the right time to unload.

“I wanted to pick a clean shot. I wanted to do it right and the game plan was not to rush anything. We knew the crowd might boo because it’s the type of game plan that the crowd might boo and as soon as I heard that I thought, ‘I’m the one in here fighting, I’m gonna stick to the game plan and pick the right shot.’”

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