James Gallagher Doesn’t Like Being Called New Era of Young Guys

Don’t lump James Gallagher in with the rest of the top prospects in mixed martial arts.

Gallagher is coming off a quick first-round submission victory over Chinzo Machida at Bellator 180 inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. He improved his professional record to 7-0.

Speaking to the media after the fight, Gallagher said Bellator‘s featherweight division is in for a rude awakening (via MMAJunkie.com):

“They all know I’m coming. It’s only a matter of time. I’m young. I’m hungry. I’ve got everything. I’ve got the team behind me. I’ve got the family to support me. I’ve got that motivation like no one else. All these guys are on their way out. I’m only getting started.”

As far as comparisons go with other promising fighters, Gallagher isn’t pleased with it. He said he doesn’t want to be viewed in the same category as the others because he feels he’s a cut above the rest.

“I hear everyone say I’m the new era of the young guys coming up, but I’m not. I kind of get offended when I hear that because I’m a break off from that. Everyone in the new era is on (one) path. I’m going this way. I’m different. I’m not the same as anyone in here.”

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