Justine Kish Takes UFC Oklahoma City Bodily Function Incident in Stride

Justine Kish’s night at UFC Oklahoma City did not go as planned. She was pretty much beaten from pillar to post in her three round main card bout against Felice Herrig. Herrig lit her up on the feet, and dominated her on the ground as well.

To add insult to injury, however, Kish also suffered an accident during the third round of the bout while in a particularly tight choke. During the exchange, it appeared Kish lost control of her bowels. The evidence was clear on the canvas afterwards, though may have initially thought to have been blood by spectators.

Not so by those in the cage. Kish took it all in stride, however, showing a sense of humor about the incident.

Prior to the bout, Kish had been undefeated in her professional career. She has also appeared on the MMA drama series Kingdom.

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