Saturday, December 4, 2021

Marco Ruas on UFC Hall of Fame: ‘I do Not Dream About it’

Marco Ruas is a man many feel is an underappreciated pioneer of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Ruas become the UFC 7 tournament champion and is credited by many for mixing various fighting styles in his game when the sport was still in its infancy. Last month, Ruas said he felt there were politics involved in the UFC Hall of Fame selection process.

Speaking with Combate, “The King of the Streets” said he doesn’t lose sleep over not receiving an induction:

“If it does, it’s wonderful, but I do not dream about it. I was the first guy to mix the styles, that’s for sure. I was the first to change what Royce did. I won fights kicking, proving to the world that I could kick in an MMA fight and do other things, use striking. Maurice Smith came much later. I, besides winning standing, kicking, won by finalization. I deserved (to enter the Hall of Fame) for that, for having been the pioneer to change the sport. But life goes on too, a lot of people recognize that. That’s what counts. If it were a vote by the fans, I would be there, but there is a policy. Being in the Hall of Fame wins more (laughs)? If you happen to come in, great, if it does not happen, you’re cool. The important thing is to have health, work and a family. For my wife and daughter, I’m in the Hall of Fame (laughs).”

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