Mark Hunt Batters Derrick Lewis For Fourth Round Stoppage

Finally, in our main event of the night top-ten ranked heavyweights Mark Hunt and Derrick Lewis go to battle. Let’s check out how it all went down:

Round 1:

Lewis opens things up with a front kick to the body. Another jumping kick to the body from Lewis lands and he follows that up with a leg kick. Hunt comes in hard and lands a nice shot but Lewis shakes it off. “The Black Beast” responds with some nice head kicks that earn Hunt’s respect.

Lewis catches Hunt with a nice uppercut and Hunt comes inside, prompting a takedown attempt from Lewis that is unsuccessful. Hunt comes in again and lands some nice strikes, but Lewis backs him off with some hard shots of his own. Lewis lands a nice jab and Hunt responds with a hard leg kick.

The round comes to an end with some high kick attempts from Lewis.

Round 2:

Lewis opens the round with a hard high kick and Hunt tries to respond with a leg kick but misses. Lewis catches Hunt behind the ear but he stays on his feet. A big body kick lands from Lewis and he follows it up with a switch knee to the body. An eye poke from Lewis temporarily stops the action.

The action is back underway now and Hunt pushes forward but eats a right hand from Lewis as a result. Lewis throws a flying knee and follows it up with a left hook that barely missed. Hunt lands a shot that rocks Lewis and Hunt smells blood. Hunt presses forward but Lewis is eating big shots and responding with some of his own.

An epic slugfest between these two begins and the crowd is going nuts. The round ends with some nice shots from both men landing.

Round 3:

Hunt presses the action but Lewis is keeping him at bay with kicks. Lewis ducks a shot from Hunt and responds with some big swings, landing only a few. A nice counter left hook lands for Lewis but Hunt isn’t going down. Lewis is looking very tired, hands on his hips, sucking in air, and on wobbly legs.

The round ends with Hunt on the attack, throwing some leg kicks.

Round 4:

Hunt pressing the action again to open the round and Lewis is looking very fatigued. Hunt begins chopping away at the legs of Lewis and Hunt lands a big shot. Lewis smiles and shakes it off but Hunt and the crowd seem to think it really hurt him. Lewis trips up against the cage and Hunt allows him to regain his feet.

Hunt lands another big shot on Lewis and now “The Black Beast” is covering up, it looks like he wants out. Hunt explodes on Lewis who is covering up against the cage and the ref has seen enough.

After the fight, Lewis said he’s likely done with the sport of mixed martial arts.

Official Result: Mark Hunt def. Derrick Lewis via TKO (Strikes) – R4, 3:51