Michael Bisping Says Sources Told Him Chuck Liddell is Not Happy With UFC

Michael Bisping has heard ramblings that Chuck Liddell didn’t leave the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on good terms.

When Liddell was urged to retire by UFC President Dana White, he did so knowing he had work after fighting. He served as an ambassador for the UFC. When WME-IMG stepped in, they laid off a number of employees including “The Iceman.”

On his “Believe You Me” podcast, Bisping said from the information he received, Liddell has a bitter taste in his mouth over the situation (via Bloody Elbow):

“I’m in the circle, where people tell me things. This is me putting out a disclaimer, if they hear me saying this, I can say ‘I said it was third hand information,’ when really it might not be third hand information. Somebody at the weekend told me that Chuck Liddell is really pissed off, because he had a pretty sweet deal with the UFC when he left this job. He was an ambassador for the UFC. I believe he was on $1 million a year, that’s the number I heard. It was great that the UFC was doing that, but now of course, new UFC owners came in. I heard that Chuck was really pissed off, so that’s why he’s possibly going over to Bellator.”

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