Michael Chiesa Appeals Controversial Submission Loss to Kevin Lee

Michael Chiesa isn’t accepting his submission loss to Kevin Lee at UFC Fight Night 112.

In fact, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight has appealed the defeat with the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission (OSAC). The controversy lies in the fact that Chiesa didn’t tap or pass out while being locked in a rear-naked choke.

MMAFighting.com obtained the appeal. You can peep what Chiesa had to say below:

“To be clear — I did not tap, I did not verbally submit, I was not knocked unconscious, and at no point did I go unconscious. At all times, I used my years of experience and training to intelligently defend myself.”

Chiesa went on to state that he wasn’t given enough time to fight out of the submission and referee Mario Yamasaki failed to check on his condition.

“I was in this specific position for less than two seconds before Mr. Yamasaki wrongfully ended the contest. Mr. Yamasaki offered no warnings that he may stop the bout and he did not make any effort to check my condition or offer any verbal commands of any kind.”