Ray Borg Concerned Over T.J. Dillashaw’s Longevity at Flyweight

Ray Borg has revealed his biggest issue with T.J. Dillashaw’s desire to fight for flyweight gold.

Much has been made over Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight title holder Demetrious Johnson’s spat with the promotion. The UFC wants Dillashaw to be “Mighty Mouse’s” next challenger. Johnson is saying, “not so fast.”

In an interview with Flo Combat, Borg wasn’t so much upset that he was being over looked. Rather he wants to know if Dillashaw will commit to flyweight long-term:

“I’m only 23. I’ve climbed the ladder pretty quickly for my short career in the UFC. A big problem I have with TJ trying to come down is not necessarily coming in and skipping the line. I mean, he does have a credible name and it is an exciting fight because he was a former champ. My problem is, if he comes down is he going to come down and tie up the division or is he going to stay? That’s what my biggest concern is.”