Ray Borg on Flyweight Division: ‘I Have no F*cking Clue What’s Going on’

Ray Borg is frustrated with the state of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) flyweight division.

Borg thought he’d be challenging Demetrious Johnson for the 125-pound gold. Instead, the UFC did a 180 and tried getting T.J. Dillashaw to fight for the title. Johnson wasn’t happy with his current treatment from the UFC, so he balked at the match-up. This has caused a spat between “Mighty Mouse” and the promotion.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Borg expressed frustration with the situation:

“I have no f—ing clue what’s going on. It was me, TJ and Demetrious in this little bubble, trying to figure out who’s fighting who. Now, it’s all Dana and Demetrious going at it.”

Borg understands Johnson and the UFC are having issues, but he wishes it didn’t spill over to the rest of the division.

“It just sucks because D.J.’s problems with the UFC are his. He’s not a marketable guy. Maybe it’s because he’s goofy or a family man, I don’t know. But he has his issues with the UFC and what drives me crazy is that it’s being taken out on the whole division. If D.J. has a situation with the UFC, cool. Keep it between those two. It doesn’t need to affect the rest of us trying to make our names and money for our families.”