Monday, December 6, 2021

Ryan Bader Explains Why he Prefers Bellator’s Pay Structure Over UFC’s

Ryan Bader is happy with Bellator‘s pay structure.

Bader fought out of his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contract and decided to sign with Bellator. In his first bout under the promotion, he’ll get a light heavyweight title shot against champion Phil Davis this Saturday night (June 24).

Speaking to the media, “Darth” explained the difference in pay structure between Bellator and UFC (via

“There’s a couple different structures: UFC likes to use a show and a win structure where if you show up, you get a certain amount and if you win you usually get the same amount – double. The thinking is you’re going to go in there and fight your ass off to secure half your pay.”

Bader then said the UFC’s pay structure could lead to more boring fights due to win bonuses.

“Sometimes it works out the opposite to where you’re so much better at a certain discipline than somebody else, you’re going to use that. If I’m a wrestler and I’m fighting a striker, I’m going to do everything in my power to keep it on the ground. Obviously I try to finish every fight, but you’re also thinking that you have to get the half your pay by any means necessary – whether that’s taking him down and try to just ground and pound on the ground and it ends up being a boring fight.”

Ultimately, Bader feels he’ll be more free inside the cage with Bellator’s pay structure.

“With a flat fee, which I have with Bellator, you go out there and you’re not fighting for that extra, so you can fight however you want. You’re not going to be reckless, but you can let loose a little more. It’s more free. You’re getting payment no matter what and you go have a great fight for the fans.”

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