Sean Grande Makes His Exit From The Bellator Booth

Sean Grande is out as Bellator‘s play-by-play announcer.

Grande had been the voice of Bellator since 2015. Grande has been known mostly for his work as the voice of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Boston Celtics team. The man simply has too much on his plate to continue with Bellator.

He released a statement to

“It finally became clear to me, on one of many trans-Atlantic flights, that something was going to have to give. I mean, who was going to write the walkout monologue at the funeral if I was the one in the casket?

And as a casual, internal discussion ramped up, there was just no geographic, logistical math that said I could keep up that pace.

Have no illusions. I didn’t, I don’t want to walk away. Certainly not today. I was ready, willing and wanting to continue on, as I promised you I would two years ago. My first choice would certainly have been to stay with the Celtics, while doing as many Bellator shows as I was physically and contractually able. But two things were becoming clear. One, the new Bellator schedule with its heavy Fall/Winter and international leanings were in direct, overwhelming conflict with the NBA. And two, I think we all agreed that the new Bellator, the 2017 Bellator has grown to the point it deserves a voice, maybe even more than one, that can make it his (or her) top priority.”

A replacement for Grande has not been announced, but Mike Goldberg has been heavily speculated.