Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Tim Boetsch on Johny Hendricks Missing Weight: ‘It Speaks to His Professionalism’

Tim Boetsch questions the professionalism of Johny Hendricks.

Boetsch earned a TKO victory over “Bigg Rigg” at UFC Fight Night 112. The story going into the fight was Hendricks’ failure to make the middleweight limit. Hendricks had struggled making weight as a 170-pounder.

“The Barbarian” told the media that Hendricks’ countless weight failures are unprofessional (via

“We joked about that in camp; somebody said, ‘What are the chances of him missing weight at this one?’ I said, ‘I don’t really care if he does.’ I jokingly said that he might, and then Marcus (Davis) came to me the morning of the weigh-ins and said he was going to miss, and not even attempt it. We still had a couple of hours, or an hour and a half left at that point. So I’m like, ‘All right, I guess we’ll see how this goes.’ If he’s not willing to cut a couple extra pounds, (it) kind of speaks to his professionalism.”

He went on to say that a lack of discipline could be the cause of Hendricks’ weight issues.

“I don’t see any reason why he didn’t make the weight, other than just his lack of discipline. Maybe he was taking me lightly. I don’t know. But anybody who does that should probably rethink it.”

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