Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Travis Browne Buries The Hatchet With Josh Barnett

For years, Josh Barnett took issue with Travis Browne’s actions after their late 2013 bout.

Barnett was knocked out in the first round via elbows as he was going for a takedown. After the bout, Browne made a throat-slashing taunt that “The Warmaster” had been known for. This didn’t sit well with Barnett.

Going into his bout with Oleksiy Oliynyk on July 8, “Hapa” wanted some help from his old foe. To do so, he needed to address the elephant in the room (via

“He was upset, not about how the fight went, he’s very professional about, you win, you lose, it is what it is. But I know he was upset about me doing his thing after the fight.”

Browne went on to say that he apologized to Barnett and the two squashed their old beef.

“I took fault for that, to his face, sitting across the table from him. I gave him a chance to speak and I listened. I didn’t know if he was going to be be, ‘Hey man, that’s cool for me to do,’ or if he was going to be like ‘Hey man, f*ck you.’ He was a man about it. He told me he would coach me. He’s working with me. He took it the best way I could ever imagine.”

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