UFC Champion Tyron Woodley Responds to Colby Covington

While they might both be technically under the American Top Team banner, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington are far from teammates.

Covington called out Woodley for comments the titleholder made during UFC Tonight Wednesday, adding that he told Covington “no more” while the two were sparring.

Woodley, who is a frequent co-host of the FOX Sports 1 program, didn’t seem to remember the practice session going the same way as Covington.

“He had one thing correct, [when we trained] it wasn’t competitive,” Woodley said. “My coach had to peal me off of him every day. The welterweight division is the best in the world. The integrity of the sport has to be restored. Kids like Colby, do it the old fashion way, like Kenny Florian did, let your gloves do the talking, win in dominant fashion, climb your way up. Then when you’re near the top, you bark a little bit.

“But I don’t even see him in my crosshairs in my scope. There are five or six other guys on I’m looking at. It’s flattering that he’s talking about me.”