UFC Fight Night 110 Live Preliminary Card Results

Tonight (Sat. June 10, 2017) the Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand plays host to UFC Fight Night 110, featuring a heavyweight main event between Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt. Before we get to the main card, however, here are the live results from tonight’s preliminary card:

UFC Fight Pass Exclusive Prelims Results:

J.J. Aldrich def. Chan-Mi Jeon via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Thibault Gouti vs. Dong Hyun Kim **called off**

FS1 Prelims:

Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Zak Ottow 

Round 1:

Kunimoto opens things up with some thunderous leg kicks to Ottow’s lead leg. Ottow lands a few nice jabs and takes Octagon control. He then responds with a nice leg kick of his own before Kunimoto begins to move in and initiates the clinch.

Ottow presses Kunimoto against the cage for a moment befoe they disengage. A clean left-hand lands for Ottow and he follows it up with another hard series of hooks. Kunimoto looks to be rocked a bit now. Kunimoto goes in on a takedown but eats a knee to the face as he shoots in, but continues to press forward and pressures Ottow against the fence.

Kunimoto looks to buy time after being rocked by holding onto Ottow but they eventually break free. The round ends with a nice 1-2 combo from Ottow.

Round 2:

Ottow catches a kick from Kunimoto and eats a big shot that sends him down for a moment, but he quickly pops back up. Ottow attacks Kunimoto’s leg with some inside leg kicks but Kunimoto gets a nice trip takedown. Kunimoto breaks Ottow’s butterfly guard and is now in his full guard.

Ottow scrambles up to his feet and then tackles Kunimoto to the ground and his him on the ground sitting against the cage. Ottow looks to take the back now but only has one hook in. He is able to get the second hook in and is working for the choke now. Ottow lets some shots fly from the back but Kunimoto flips over and is able to get top position.

He works for a guillotine for a moment but gives up and decides to work ground-and-pound from half guard instead. Kunimoto pulled guard for a guillotine but it was unsuccessful. The round ends with Ottow dropping elbows from the top.

Round 3:

Ottow lands a nice jab on his way backward but Kunimoto times a beautiful takedown and gets the fight to the ground. Kunimoto works for full mount but Ottow does a nice job of keeping him held tight to himself. Kunimoto is able to land a few nice shots to Ottow’s head but nothing very effective.

Kunimoto repeatedly attempts to pass guard but Ottow is having none of it. After a scramble, Kunimoto takes Ottow’s back and works some shots from there. Ottow remained patient and was able to flip and get top control. Ottow lets the ground-and-pound go and continues to hit Kunimoto with shots as he stands.

The round ends with Kunimoto pulling guard and locking in a guillotine, but Ottow is saved by the bell.

Official Result: Zak Ottow def. Kiichi Kunimoto via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Ashkan Mokhtarian vs. John Moraga

Round 1:

Moraga opens up with a leg kick but Mokhtarian goes in on a takedown. Moraga immediaely pulls guard and gets a deep guillotine choke in. Mokhtarian surprisingly gets to his feet but Moraga still has the hold on his neck. Mokhtarian gets his head free and lays on Moraga against the cage.

Moraga lands a great combo before Mokhtarian goes in on a takedown. Moraga is all over him on the ground, however, and gets a brief rear-naked choke hold on before a scramble ensues. Big elbows to the side of Mokhtarian are landing. The round ends with an armbar attempt from Moraga with seconds expiring but it’s unsuccessful.

Round 2:

Moraga opens the round right away with a hard straight right hand. Mokhtarian lands a nice leg kick that puts Moraga on one knee for a brief second. Moraga lands a nice left hook and follows it up with a flying knee. A left hook lands for Moraga and he follows that up with a nice combination of strikes.

A perfectly placed left hook again lands for Moraga right on Mokhtarian’s chin and he stumbles back. Moraga catches a kick and gets the fight to the ground before beginning a nice elbow attack. After a scramble, Moraga gets to full mount but is unable to do any significant damage with it as time expires in the round.

Round 3:

Mokhtarian again opens with a nice leg kick but Moraga suplexes him to the ground. Moraga gets a very nice armbar attempt but Mokhtarian wiggles free. Moraga finds himself in side control and locks in a nice head and arm choke. He gives up the coke and establishes full mount.

Moraga postures up and lets some big ground-and-pound fly down, but Mokhtarian moves and gives up his back again. Moraga continues to drop elbows but Mokhtarian scrambles and establishes top position as time expires.

Official Result: John Moraga def. Ashkan Mokhtarian via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-27)

Luke Jumeau vs. Dominique Steele

Round 1:

Both men want to land some hard strikes but it’s Steele who lands the biggest one of the night just before two minutes into the round. Jumeau is backed up against the cage and is able to break free. Jumeau lands a few nice shots of his own before some leg kicks are exchanged.

Steele gets the back clinch and drags him down to side control. The round ends with Steele dropping ground-and-pound from Jumeau’s full guard.

Round 2:

Steele opens up the round with forward pressure and looks to get the fight back to the ground. Jumeau defends well and begins to take Octagon control. Jumeau lands some nice shots that stun Steele for a moment, but Steele is able to get Jumeau against the cage wit double underhooks.

Jumeau flips position and has Steele against the cage for a moment, but Steele flips control right back and gets in on a takedown attempt. Jumeau defends well and regains control before landing a nice knee to Steele’s body and disengaging.

More good takedown defense from Jumeau but he tries too much to counter with wild throws, overextends, and allows Steele to get in on more takedown attempts against the cage. The round comes to a close with Jumeau pressuring Steele against the cage.

Round 3:

Steele comes in with some powerful strike attempts before getting in on a takedown against the fence. After some uneventful action against the Octagon the ref breaks things up, and Jumeau lands some nice counter strikes that wobble Steele bad. More crisp strikes continue to land for Jumeau, but Steele again comes in on a takedown.

The round comes to an end with some striking exchanges between both men, who embrace when it’s all said and done.

Official Result: Luke Jumeau def. Dominique Steele via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Damien Brown vs. Vinc Pichel

Round 1:

Pichel starts things off with a nice combo. Brown pushes the action forward now and lands some nice combinations. Brown begins to attack Pichel’s leg with some kicks and catches Pichel with a nice right hand behind the ear as well. Brown moves in on Pichel with a nice combo but he responds with a nice uppercut that sends Brown’s head flying back.

Pichel lands a huge left hook on his way backwards and Brown hits the deck unconscious. The ref waves it off and Pichel has a win after three years away from the Octagon.

Official Result: Vinc Pichel def. Damien Brown via R1 KO (punch, 3:37)

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