Wanderlei Silva Explains Shoving Chael Sonnen After Bellator NYC Bout

Wanderlei Silva doesn’t regret shoving Chael Sonnen after their Bellator NYC headliner.

Sonnen won the fight by unanimous decision. His wrestling frustrated Silva throughout the night. After the bout, a visibly upset “Axe Murderer” shoved his opponent.

Speaking to A.G. Fight, Silva explained his actions (via Flo Combat):

“In fact, I saw a fight where one [fighter] wanted to fight and the other one wanted to grapple. I could see that he was afraid to stand toe to toe with me. If he had agreed to exchange a little more, we would’ve had a much more exciting fight.”

Silva went on to say that Sonnen was all talk and no action as he didn’t want to take part in the stand-up.

“I really don’t like him, he talked a lot of bullsh*t and he came to the fight and he kept holding me down.  He was able to neutralize my game. That was the reason for the push. I was pissed with him and with me. I like to give a show. To lose or to win is relative. A fight where only one wants to fight, [that’s] not cool, not fun. He has to come in to kill or be killed.”