Yancy Medeiros on Max Holloway: ‘That’s One Tough Hawaiian’

Yancy Medeiros knows better than most the capabilities of Max Holloway.

Holloway is the current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight title holder. “Blessed” became the undisputed 145-pound king when he finished Jose Aldo earlier this month at UFC 212.

Medeiros trains with Holloway and has always shown his confidence in the champion. He went on to tell BJ Penn Radio that “Blessed” can take punishment and dish it out:

“If anybody thought he wasn’t going to take Jose’s hardest hits, nuh uh, cause I clock him. He gets his punches in but you best believe I give him a punch back every time, so I know he can take a hit. That’s one tough Hawaiian.”

Communication is crucial to any fighter’s camp. Medeiros feels solid communication in the gym is a huge part of the team he’s with having world class competitors.

“[Training] partners learn from each other, but we do more than that. We listen. After sparring, we talk. We’ll be like ‘that sh*t was tight, you’ve got to keep doing that cause I couldn’t get out of that sh*t.’ It keeps me honest, cause it puts me in that predicament to get out. He gives me feedback, I give him feedback.”

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