Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather Set to Go Face to Face in London

British news outfit the BBC report that the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather promotional tour will begin in the English capital

One of the more exciting aspects of the prospect of McGregor and Mayweather fighting has always been the potential fireworks involved in the promotional side of the bout.

Both “Money” and “The Notorious” are renown for their promotional expertise and their fan-friendly exploits when it comes to pulling out the goods in order to sell a fight. It appears that both men will have their first head-to-head inside the national soccer stadium in Wembley, London, although the date and time for the event are still yet to be disclosed.

UFC President Dana White recently indicated his excitement in proceedings, taking to Instagram to post a tongue-in-cheek photo of McGregor holding a much smaller Mayweather for the camera:

Pundit Arena‘s John Murphy took to Twitter on Tuesday claiming that the BBC has confirmed reports that the first promotional presser will take place not in McGregor’s hometown of Dublin, Ireland but a 45-minute flight away in the English capital of London:

The report from the BBC states, “Former boxing world champion Mayweather and UFC champion McGregor, who are due to box on 26 August, will begin the worldwide promotion in London, a source close to both camps told the BBC. Thousands of fans could attend in what is expected to be a free event.”