Adam Milstead Has Medical Bills Covered by UFC After Speaking Out

Adam Milstead is at peace with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) after speaking out.

Milstead fought Curtis Blaydes back in February. “The Prototype” blew out his ACL and had to undergo full reconstructive surgery. He also has to go through a physical therapy process, which initially wasn’t covered by the UFC.

Needless to say, Milstead wasn’t happy about it and took to Twitter to vent:

The heavyweight told Flo Combat that shortly after sending the tweet, Milstead got a call from the UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance:

“About four hours later that night [of the tweet], I got a call from Jeff Novitsky. He actually texted me, and he said, ‘Hey, man, I heard you had an issue. I want to talk to you about it.’ I started perking up a little bit, thinking maybe they were going to do something about it.”

He then said the issue has now been resolved.

“Eventually he hit me up and said they’re going to cover my next 20 visits and stay in touch with my physical therapist to coordinate with him to see if I need more. I was grateful for it–and this is coming off being really pissed off and thinking, ‘What’s the point of fighting and risking injury and possibly not being able to fight anymore or even work for a living?’ Then he tells me that, and it definitely makes me feel a little better.”