Albert Morales Decided to be an MMA Fighter in Jail

Albert Morales didn’t have an easy road to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Morales had trouble with the law early in his life. “The Warrior” will take on Brett Johns inside the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Scotland. They’ll do battle this Sunday night (July 16).

With no direction in his life years prior, Morales told that his decision to become a mixed martial artist came at a crucial time:

“A guard, I guess, messed up and let the fights on on TV. Whether that was a sign from the MMA gods or not, man – but I saw it. I decided I was going to be a fighter, and that was it.”

“The Warrior” admits that there’s no one to blame but himself for his past mistakes. He went into detail as to why his stepfather chose not to show him jiu-jitsu.

“But I was too involved in the streets to think about martial arts or anything like that. Talk about bad kids – I was a pretty bad kid. (My stepfather) didn’t want to show (jiu-jitsu) to me because he thought I would use it in the streets and hurt somebody and stuff. So he kind of kept that away from me.”