Amanda Nunes Focused on Beating Valentina Shevchenko Clean

Amanda Nunes doesn’t have a finish over Valentina Shevchenko as a top priority.

The first time Nunes and Shevchenko met, “The Lioness” took a unanimous decision victory. When they compete on July 8 at UFC 213, Nunes’ women’s bantamweight title will be on the line.

Speaking to, the champion said she isn’t too concerned with earning a finish as long as she wins decisively:

“Nothing can change the result of the fight. I beat her already. Nothing’s going to change it. The only thing that’s going to change is that this is going to be over Saturday – because I will beat her clean. (Whether) I knock her out, submit her, go five rounds, I will clean this, to get over this. I’d love to get a finish, but MMA sometimes is not the way you planned. If we go to five rounds, I will be good. As long as I beat her, clear, it’s going to be awesome.”

When it comes to the pressure of being a main event title holder during “International Fight Week,” Nunes says she lives for these moments.

“This makes me stronger for this kind of situation. Being now at ‘International Fight Week’ is going to be awesome. I’m happy, and I’m glad the UFC did that. I will have fun and enjoy this moment of my life.”