Angela Hill Wishes UFC Was More Lax on Costumes at Weigh-Ins

Angela Hill can deal without the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) costume policy.

“Overkill” planned on showing up to the TUF 25 Finale weigh-ins with a Black Panther costume. She wasn’t allowed to do so, but posted a picture of the special attire:

Speaking with, Hill said she hopes the UFC will be more lax in the future:

“It would be nice if they could lax on it a little bit so the fighters could try to build some hype for it. I feel like doing something interesting like that is going to reach more people than just trying to mean mug and push your opponent and hit them before you’re actually fighting the next day. Or at least different fans from that.”

As far as what’s next, Hill says she’ll play by the rules and hope for the best.

“You’ve got to play the game and do what you’re told and all that fun boring stuff. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

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