Anthony Pettis Takes Decision Win Over Jim Miller After Three Round War

Up next on the main card is a lightweight bout between former division champ Anthony Pettis and veteran Jim Miller. Here’s the play-by-play:

Round 1:

Miller opens things up with a leg kick and a left hand. Pettis throws a big flying knee and a nice straight right. Miller pushing forward inside the pocket now but Pettis lands a quick body shot with his right hand. Another flying knee from Pettis who tries to swarm Miller, but Miller fires back with a few hooks to back him off. Pettis lands a nice 1-2 that backs Miller off, who continues to eat some nice shots. The round comes to an end with Pettis landing a nice head-kick.

Round 2:

Miller starts things off with a body kick and Pettis responds by pumping out some jabs. Miller catches a Pettis kick for a takedown and Pettis goes right after a triangle. Pettis works for a ton of takedown attempts but gets nothing, ref stands them up. Miller takes Pettis’ back but he soon regains top control.

“Showtime” lands some big shots from the top as both guys are a bloody mess. Pettis takes Millers back and works for the rear-naked choke. Miller gets back up and hits a nice takedown as the round comes to a close

Round 3:

The third round opened with a front kick from Pettis. Miller tries to make this a dog fight but Pettis does well to evade. Miller presses forward but eats some nasty jabs from Pettis, and attempts to attack Pettis’ leg after that. Miller goes for a takedown but Pettis stuffs it and pins him against the cage. Both men throw crazy shots in the final seconds of the round as the fight comes to a close.

Official result: Anthony Pettis def. Jim Miler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)