Brad Tavares Takes Decision Win Over Elias Theodorou

The night continues on with middleweight action, as Brad Tavares takes on fan favorite Elias Theodorou next. Here’s the play-by-play:

Round 1:

The pair clinch up after exchanging some strikes in the center of the Octagon and Tavares has Theodorou against the cage. Theodorou is able to land a nice knee in the clinch and they separate again. Tavares lands a nice left hook but Theodorou continues to circle. Tavares lands a big body kick and the round closes with Theodorou landing a nice one of his own.

Round 2:

The two clinch up again and Theodorou lands a nice uppercut but Tavares responds by putting together a beautiful series of strikes. Theodorou lands a nice combination that ends with a hard body kick. Tavares keeps the pressure and is able to land a few nice shots, the round comes to an end with the pair feeling each other out.

Round 3:

Tavares comes in hard put Theodorou responds by going in hard for a takedown. He lifts up Tavares and slams him down, but Tavares scoots to the cage. Tavares gets to his feet but Theodorou gets in on another takedown against the cage and finally gets it. Again, Tavares stands tall but is continuously pressured against the cage. After a scramble Tavares is able to take Theodorou’s back and he works for the rear-naked choke. Theodorou is able to get out and create another scramble, but Tavares goes for an awkward armbar.

Theodorou gets out but another scramble sees Tavares take the back again. They’re able to stand and the round comes to an end with both men throwing hard shots.

Official Result: Brad Tavares def. Elias Theodorou via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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