Brandon Girtz Going For Early Finish of Derek Campos at Bellator 181

The last time Brandon Girtz met Derek Campos, he knocked him out in 37 seconds. He’ll be going for another quick knockout this Friday night (July 14).

Girtz and Campos will do battle for a third time in the main event of Bellator 181. With the series tied at 1-1, Girtz would like to win the rubber match in emphatic fashion.

He told that finishing the fight as quickly as he did last time may be a stretch:

“I’m aiming for it! You know I’m definitely going out there to take him out as quickly as possible, but to say I’m gonna get him in 37 seconds again that’s gonna be a little foolish of me to think for sure. Oh, I absolutely believe I do (have an edge). Any time you lose like, a fighter loses like that, that don’t go away. That’s gonna be in the back of his head for sure.”

Girtz then said he’ll be fighting on instinct.

“You know I have no game plan. I’m not thinking I’m gonna take Derek down. When I get takedowns, they’re because they’re open. I took down Gonzalez 10 times because they were wide open. I wasn’t planning on just keep taking him down like that, it was just instincts take over and they come.”

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