Chael Sonnen Gives McGregor Zero Chance of Beating Mayweather

Chael Sonnen doesn’t have high hopes for Conor McGregor when he steps inside the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather.

Sonnen recently appeared on‘s “The MMA Hour” to discuss a number of topics. One of them was the Aug. 26 “super fight” between McGregor and Mayweather. Sonnen expressed what he thinks of “Notorious'” chances:

“Are you kidding me? None. Zero. You don’t understand what’s on the line here, because nobody seems to want to tell it. I watched the press conference, they had the Showtime guy and they had Floyd’s representative and Dana on there. They all wanted to be real careful and say that this isn’t MMA versus boxing. I have no idea why they would be so dishonest. This is boxing against boxing.”

He went on to say that if Mayweather struggles even a little bit, then the integrity of boxing is in danger.

“You have the greatest boxer of all time, according to boxers. They, as a community, have put this guy forward as their best ever. He’s never lost professional fight in boxing. He’s taking on a guy that has never done professional boxing. If this ends any other way but quickly and decisively for Floyd, the entire integrity of the sport of boxing is on the line.”