Chael Sonnen: I Have to Fight Rory MacDonald, I Don’t Have a Choice

Chael Sonnen believes he and Rory MacDonald are destined for a middleweight scrap.

When Bellator picked up Rory MacDonald off free agency, it created a buzz in the mixed martial arts world. “Red King” will likely compete against Douglas Lima for the welterweight title. MacDonald has said he won’t stop at the 170-pound division.

During a recent appearance on‘s “The MMA Hour,” Sonnen talked about an interesting chat he had with MacDonald recently:

“So I end up in an elevator with him and he’s eating an apple, which becomes relevant in the story later. We’re in the elevator and we’re heading down and I say, ‘Hey, congrats! What are you looking to fight?’ He says, ‘I don’t know, maybe Paul Daley’. Then he says, ‘Maybe Josh Koscheck’. Then he takes a bite of his apple, and he looks up and goes: ‘Maybe you.’ Right as he says that, the doors open. I wished him well and that was the end of it, we were on our way.”

While Sonnen insists he isn’t trying to sell fans on the bout, he believes it’s a fight that has to happen.

“He knows that we have to fight there is no way around it. We can’t just act like that didn’t happen. It happened. I told you it was a pretty simple story. We can’t really build an event around this, but any guy who’s listening to this knows that I have to fight him. I don’t have a choice.”

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