Chris Weidman Submits Kelvin Gastelum For First Win In Two Years

Finally, in our main event of the evening former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman takes on No. 8-ranked Kelvin Gastelum. Check out the play-by-play here below:

Round 1:

Gastelum blocks a high-kick from Weidman, but “The All American” is able to land a right hand soon after. Another right hand lands for Weidman, who follows it up with a takedown. Gastelum tries to answer back with a triangle attempt but it’s unsuccessful. Weidman has side control from Gastelum’s back, but Gastelum stands up as Weidman has the back clinch.

Gastelum tries to scramble but it ends with Weidman in side control. Weidman goes for a Kimura but Gastelum scrambles to his feet and disengages. Gastelum sneaks his way inside and lands a head-kick. A huge left hand stuns Weidman bad and drops him, however, there isn’t enough time for Gastelum to finish the fight as the horn sounds.

Round 2:

Gastelum opens up the round looking to turn the tempo up a bit, feeding off the confidence for his late knockdown last round. Weidman pressures Gastelum against the cage with some strikes and initiates the clinch. He gets the takedown but Gastelum is sitting against the fence. Weidman goes for Gastelum’s back and is working for a rear-naked choke. Weidman takes Gastelum down again and establishes better position, but Gastelum is able to stand up against the cage.

Another takedown for Weidman and Gastelum has his full guard. Weidman lands some elbows from the top position but Gastelum still looks comfortable. Weidman continues to work from the top as Gastelum throws up his legs trying to change position. The round comes to an end with Weidman on Gastelum’s back.

Round 3:

The pair engage in a slugfest to open the round and Gastelum drops momentarily but shoots back up. Things slow down a bit before Weidman begins to land som nice hard shots, however, Gastelum then shows off some great head movement, dodging various shots. Gastelum starts to get into a grove and lands some strikes of his own.

A big right hand lands for Weidman but Gastelum swings out of a takedown attempt. Another takedown attempt from Weidman, and he gets it this time ending up in the standing back clinch after Gastelum stands up. Another takedown for Weidman as he begins to take Gastelum’s back. Weidman locks in an arm-triangle and the pressure is too much for Gastelum, who is forced to tap out.

Official Result: Chris Weidman def. Kelvin Gastelum via R3 submission (Arm-triangle choke, 3:45)