Claudia Gadelha Wants to be The Donald Cerrone of ‘Complicated’ Strawweight Division

Claudia Gadelha simply wants to fight.

She’s developed a reputation for being the second best strawweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She’s in a weird spot as another title shot isn’t likely in her near future. She’s already lost to the current champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk twice.

Gadelha explained to why she can’t get as many fights as someone like Donald Cerrone can:

“I intend to fight in September. I’m waiting for the UFC to get back to me. They’re trying, but it’s that same situation – I can’t find an opponent. It’s kind of annoying. Sometimes I wish I was the (Donald) Cerrone of strawweights. I wanted to get one fight right after the other. But I also understand that the men’s divisions have more options. And my situation at strawweight is very complicated. I wanted to fight again, I wanted to have a fight scheduled.”

She went on to say that the list of opponents is out of her hands.

“I wanted to leave one fight with another one good to go, because that’s my goal in the division. But it’s hard. It’s complicated. There’s not much I can think or say, because all I can do is wait for someone to show up and want to fight. I’ve told the UFC multiple times that I’ll fight anyone in the division. It doesn’t matter who it is. I won’t handpick. But there are no opportunities, no options arising.”

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