Cody Garbrandt Likely Won’t Return Until at Least November

Don’t count on seeing Cody Garbrandt in action this summer.

“No Love” was going to defend his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight title against T.J. Dillashaw this Saturday night (July 8). It was set to headline UFC 213 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Garbrandt’s back issues couldn’t heal in time to make the bout happen at this time. Many have wondered when “No Love” will be cleared. Garbrandt told the FOX Sports crew on “TUF Talk” that November is probably the earliest month he can return (via MMA Weekly):

“I would say earliest is November. Give my back enough time [to heal]. I did two procedures, one here in the States that they told me I was going to be fine after the stem cells. I went back to training, I lasted for three days and I was in the worst pain. I couldn’t even walk. Then they flew me over to Germany and that took the pain, the sciatic [nerve] down away, but I’m still not able to do any of my life, full fighting. So I’m just making sure my back holds up so I don’t jump into a fight and have to pull out. It’s not something I want to have to do. So hopefully November I’ll be ready to go.”