Conor McGregor Admits He’s ‘Zonked Out’ by Tour With Mayweather

Four cities and three countries have taken its toll on Conor McGregor.

Today (July 14), the final stop of the tour with Floyd Mayweather takes place inside the SSE Arena, Wembley. After a ho-hum opening presser in Los Angeles, the conference in Toronto had the sports world buzzing for its engaging material. Night three in Brooklyn, NY was considered to be a disaster by many.

McGregor admitted to the media that the travel and pressers were getting a bit tiresome (via

“By the end of (today), I was kind of just zonked out. I was just chilling on the chair and flexing; hopefully somebody would get me in a nice shot with the coat. But it is getting to that stage like, ‘Let’s get the (expletive) thing wrapped up now, you know what I mean? … Whatever, it’s that time now.”

While the final stop on the tour could either be a hit or another dud, “Notorious” is dead set on his prediction for the fight on Aug. 26.

“He’s in over his head here. He’s going up against a true gorilla here. I am a gorilla. I will rip him limb to limb. He’s about to be mauled and embarrassed, and I don’t give a (expletive).”

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