Conor McGregor ‘Mic Muting’: Showtime Release Statement Following Accusations

Following claims made by Conor McGregor intimating that he believed his mic was purposefully muted during Tuesday night’s press conference at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

Controversy ensued when McGregor was in the middle of mocking Floyd Mayweather regarding issues involving a tax dispute with the IRS, and suddenly, the microphone he was using cut out.

McGregor was left without a microphone for the rest of the press conference as a result, which appeared to be even stranger given the lack of a backup device. Adding to the oddness of the scenario, Dana White was seen handing McGregor his microphone…that one did not work, either.

The Irishman was clearly incensed by what he felt was a deliberate ploy to prevent him from interjecting on Mayweather’s address to the crowd. The UFC lightweight champion announced in the media scrum following the event: “F*ck Showtime; F*ck them all.”

Showtime, in response to the accusations, released a statement refuting all responsibility for McGregor’s mic failure:

“At no point did Showtime or event productions cut any microphones intentionally during Tuesday’s kickoff event in Los Angeles. The point of this world tour is to let these superstars interact with the fans and with each other. Cutting their mics would go against our goal of delivering these fighters to the masses and letting their charismatic and entertaining personalities take center stage.”