Conor McGregor on Sponsorships: ‘I’m in Such a Strong Position’

Conor McGregor is weighing his options when it comes to sponsors.

McGregor is no stranger to bending the rules. As a proven top draw for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), “Notorious'” success has led him to a “super fight” with Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26. With the unique UFC and Showtime partnership in place, McGregor doesn’t have to wear Reebok gear if he doesn’t want to.

While “Notorious” is in negotiations with Reebok, the possibilities appear to be endless as he told Ariel Helwani and other media members:

“I may have a couple of sponsors. I’m actually sponsored by Budweiser. Just signed a deal with Budweiser. Here on the Budweiser stage, I’m really happy about that. We’ve got a couple of things in the works. Maybe Nike, Reebok. I was with Reebok previously, the deal expired. We’re currently in negotiations, but we’re entertaining offers from multiple people.”

With major companies lining up to be on team McGregor in the lead-up to and during fight night, it’s the least of the UFC lightweight champion’s concerns.

“I’m just a free agent. At the end of the day, I’m in such a strong position here. I can chill and we’ll see what happens closer.”

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