[WATCH] Conor McGregor Says Mayweather Threatened “MMA Next”

Conor McGregor revealed, somewhat surprisingly, that Floyd Mayweather had responded to his jibes by claiming that he would fight the UFC lightweight champion under MMA rules following the conclusion of their business inside the ropes

McGregor and Mayweather finally appeared on stage together, locking horns in front of a 20,000+ crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

If Mayweather is true to his words, then an even unlikelier scenario of seeing the boxing legend enter the cage under MMA rules to face the Irishman could be a possibility. McGregor spoke with MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani following the press conference, dismissing Mayweather’s words as merely ‘talking sh*t’.

It is clear that does not believe that there is too much hope of seeing the boxing luminary inside the Octagon, regardless of the outcome of their fight next month:

“He [Mayweather] was trying to say something about the gloves, I was like ‘you cried about the gloves, you cried about the ounces of the gloves,’” McGregor said. “Then he tried to say something about ‘UFC next’ or ‘MMA next’, so I was like ‘don’t be talking sh*t that you won’t do.’”

Although the idea of seeing Mayweather square up to McGregor inside the cage is intriguing, there is little chance of seeing it happen.

Then again, that is what many thought of McGregor landing a boxing bout with Mayweather…