Corey Anderson: ‘I’m Still Developing & That’s Why I’m in no Rush’

Slow and steady wins the race for Corey Anderson.

Anderson has time on his side. With 12 professional mixed martial arts (MMA) bouts and hitting the age of 28 in September, “Overtime” doesn’t have to worry about the clock as much as older competition do.

With so much going for him, Anderson is using that opportunity to learn and grow (via Flo Combat):

“I’m constantly progressing. Every day I wake up I learn something new. I always study film while I’m eating breakfast and always pick up something new. I learn from guys like Ricardo Almeida, Nick Catone, Frankie Edgar, Mark Henry, Edson Barboza–these guys I can pick their brains all the time. And now I’m fortunate enough to train with Rashad Evans.”

Anderson is taking his time when it comes to taking another fight.

“I’m still developing and that’s why I’m in no rush to fight. I’ve been in the UFC for three and a half years but I’ve only been fighting four years. Four years of my life and it’s time for me to take a break and develop these skills. I’ve never done basic classes. I never knew how to shrimp in jiu-jitsu because I never learned. I was thrown to the wolves and had to figure it out.”

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