Cris Cyborg Doesn’t Want to be Face of Women’s MMA

Cris Cyborg isn’t keen on taking the role of being the face of women’s mixed martial arts (MMA).

When Gina Carano was considered to be the most popular fighter in women’s MMA, Cyborg squashed the momentum in their clash under the Strikeforce banner. She still wasn’t considered the face of women’s MMA as Ronda Rousey’s popularity skyrocketed.

With Rousey’s MMA career likely over, many have turned to Cyborg as the new face of women’s MMA. Speaking to the media, Cyborg isn’t exactly enamored with the idea (via

“I believe women’s MMA can’t have just one face, there are several athletes in the promotion. What happened was, they made Ronda the face of (women’s) MMA and she lost twice and doesn’t want to come back. It’s not about one face only. When you make it about one face and she leaves, you miss it.”

She went on to say that there a number of fighters who can represent women’s MMA.

“We have several athletes, it can’t be just one person being the face of (women’s) MMA. I will represent every woman with my belt there, just like every woman in the UFC represent every MMA fighter. It’s bad when you make one person the face of (women’s) MMA.”

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