Cris Cyborg on Renewing UFC Contract: ‘Let’s See How It’s Going to Work’

Cris Cyborg appears to be meeting the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) halfway.

After years of hostility between Cyborg and UFC President Dana White, things have simmered down significantly. With Cyborg fighting for a title tomorrow night (July 29) and White admitting he made mistakes, the former Strikeforce and Invicta FC champion is warming up to the UFC.

When asked about her working relationship with White going forward, Cyborg is taking an optimistic approach (via

“It’s really nice when someone does a mistake and then say that. A lot of people never say anything. I respect that. I think I can forgive him, but there’s a lot of consequences. There are a lot of things people say about me on the Internet, a lot of bad things I don’t want to remember now. But it’s hard to clean everything. But in time it’s going to change. He says he wants to change and work together. Let’s see. I’ll give it a chance and see how it’s going to work.”

As far as how things will go when she signs a new deal, Cyborg doesn’t have an answer.

“We don’t know. I want to work together. Let’s see how it’s going to work. I think we’ll keep talking, and I think maybe after this fight (we will sign a new contract).”

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