Cris Cyborg Feels Ronda Rousey Beef Was ‘Business’ & ‘Not Personal’

UFC 214’s Cris Cyborg was in magnanimous form once again as she spoke about forgiveness and past rivalries with Ronda Rousey

Cyborg has opened up recently about the shaky relationship which she has had with UFC President Dana White and how she is willing to forgive the ‘hurtful’ comments White had made against her. The Brazilian was asked if the same goes for former rival Ronda Rousey (h/t MMAFighting):

“We can talk, I never met her before,” Cyborg said at the UFC 214 open workouts on Thursday. “But I think she did great things for women’s MMA. She said a lot of things about me, but I think she used that time for growing her. I think she used it like a business. I think it’s nothing personal, because I never met her. We don’t know each other. Nothing. I don’t have anything against her.”

White and Cyborg have also had their fair shares of run ins, which eventually culminated into a frosty relationship between President and fighter. White, in an interview last month with MMAJunkie, declared that ‘mistakes had been made’ with Cyborg, which prompted the 145-pounder to look more towards forgiveness and the future than dwelling on the past:

“It’s really nice when someone says they did a mistake and say that,” Cyborg added. “A lot of people don’t say anything. I respect that. I think I can forgive him, but there are consequences he cannot delete.

“I have a lot of things that people say about me on the internet. I have bad things that I don’t want to remember now. It’s hard to delete.”

*Video Credit: MMAWeekly