Dana White Says McGregor & Mayweather Didn’t go Too Far in Tour

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White doesn’t believe Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather went too far during their tour.

“Notorious” and “Money” just wrapped up four press conferences hyping up their Aug. 26 “super fight.” While the first two days were considered entertaining and somewhat easy going, the third presser got hostile.

McGregor made jokes that got him heat for “racial undertones.” In addition to that, “Notorious” and “Money” nearly had their teams brawl on the Barclays Center stage in Brooklyn, NY.

Before the final presser in London began, White told the media that McGregor and Mayweather didn’t cross the line (via MMAFighting.com):

“I think they’ve both had their moments, they’ve both had their moments. It’s funny when people say they’ve taken this thing [too far]. These guys are gonna try to knock each other unconscious in about a month and a half. The verbal warfare is a part of the fight, too. But this is a fight — not a croquette game. This part of the deal.”

White then said the tour served as an opportunity for both men to play mind games.

“The reality is what’s going on here is just as much of the fight as the fight itself. The mental warfare game, these are two of the best ever to do. Floyd has yet to meet his match physically or verbally. What this is all about is trying to get in each other’s heads and that’s why you’ve seen this thing escalate to Los Angeles to where we are now.”

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