Dana White Says Werdum Shouldn’t be Mad Over UFC 213 Decision

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White feels Fabricio Werdum has no one to blame but himself for losing a majority decision at UFC 213.

Last night (July 8), Werdum fought Alistair Overeem for the third time. While “Vai Cavalo” dropped Overeem in the third round, he simply remained in top control and didn’t do much damage until the final horn sounded.

“The Reem” was awarded a majority decision and Werdum wasn’t happy about it. Speaking to the media (via Flo Combat), White said he doesn’t understand why Werdum is upset:

“It’s not rocket science. I felt like going into that last round [Fabricio] Werdum had to finish. How you could score a 10-8 in that fight…I don’t know, man. I don’t see it. For me, a fighter has to be dominated so bad for it to be a 10-8 and the closest thing to it was the third round. Werdum had him out, had him hurt and he double legs him and lays on top of him for the rest of the fight.”

He went on to say that Werdum should’ve went for the finish.

“He let’s it go to the judges so he can’t be upset about that. The fight was there to win. [Overeem] was standing up and out on his feet and [Werdum] was hitting him with shots at will and he double legs him and lays on him for the rest of the fight. What are you mad about?”