Dana White Won’t Say Never About Taking UFC to Hawaii, Just Worried About the Weather

Dana White has been asked for years about bringing the UFC to Hawaii. It’s the home of UFC two division legend B.J. Penn, after all, not to mention newly crowned, undisputed featherweight champ Max Holloway. Holloway, in particular, would love to do a big stadium show.

Surprisingly, perhaps, Dana White has confirmed he would too. In an interview published today with MMA Junkie, White explained that “nobody wants to fly to Hawaii and do a show more than me and my staff. Who wouldn’t want to go there? And the media? Everybody wants to go there. It’s a tough one to pencil.”

Why is that? Well, it seems White is just a wee bit concerned about the weather.

“They don’t have an arena. They have the outside bowl. I’m terrified to do anything outside with fighting” White continued. “I used to spend a lot of time in Hawaii early on when we bought the company because there were a lot of good fights out there. It rains every 10 minutes. It’s raining, and then it’s beautiful out … it’s raining, then it’s beautiful out.”

Adding that the weather in Hawaii was downright “scary” (no doubt from a promoter’s standpoint), the UFC President added a disclaimer. “Six months ago, I said we wouldn’t do the 125-pound division” he said, in reference to the women’s flyweight division that will be brought in as part of The Ultimate Fighter 26. “So I’m not saying no anymore. We’ll see what happens.”