Daniel Cormier Says He’s Keeping His Emotions in Check For UFC 214

Daniel Cormier insists he won’t let the beef between he and Jon Jones impact the way he fights tomorrow night (July 29).

Cormier and Jones have had issues for years and their first clash back in Jan. 2015 didn’t settle their differences. “Bones” won that fight by unanimous decision. “DC” believes that for this fight he’s done a better job of keeping his emotions in check (via Sherdog.com):

“Last time I brought a lot of that into the Octagon with me. It served me no good. You have to change things. If you make a mistake you learn from it, and that’s what I’m doing. Not only the training had to be intense in terms of the fight but also the mental preparation too. Mentally I feel better than I’ve ever felt. I won’t take any of this animosity into the fight.”

Cormier feels if he and Jones continue to have issues outside of UFC 214, then it can be dealt with.

“I’ve always said there’s issues between you and a person and it’s issues outside of this sport, you can do that anywhere. It doesn’t have to be between the confines of the Octagon. If there are issues between Jon and I that need to be addressed after Saturday, then they’ll get addressed.”

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