Daniel Cormier: The Beef With Jon Jones Isn’t Going Anywhere

Daniel Cormier wants to make it clear that he and Jon Jones will always be enemies.

During the UFC on FOX 25 broadcast, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title holder said the issues between he and Jones won’t go away. His stance certainly hasn’t softened.

“DC” told ESPN that he and Jones don’t mesh well together (via Flo Combat):

“That beef’s not going anywhere. That’s always going to be there. Jon and I are like oil and water — we don’t mix. We’re never going to be friends. But for me, I’ve done everything. I’ve won the Strikeforce title, regional titles, I’ve been the UFC champion, I’ve won four times since having the belt. The only thing I’ve not done in this sport is beat Jon Jones. Everything else I’ve done. So for me, it’s about, almost completing my journey. I’m not saying I’m retiring, but I’m saying it’s like completion for me, getting the job done.”

Cormier then talked about the difference between his first bout with “Bones” and their rematch this Saturday night (July 29) at UFC 214.

“The first time we fought, everything was about being the UFC champion. I had to get it done. Now I’m so comfortable that he’ll feel a different fighter inside the Octagon, a more confident fighter. Athletically, I’ve always respected him in that he’s a good fighter. But I will never be friends with Jon Jones.”