Demetrious Johnson Explains Why he Went With Malki Kawa as Manager

Demetrious Johnson finally has an established manager in Malki Kawa.

For years, Matt Hume had served as Johnson’s manager. The problem was, Hume is a busy individual. From running a gym, to being an executive, Hume has his hands full. Serving as the pound-for-pound best fighter’s manager is enough to keep someone busy.

That’s why “Mighty Mouse” wanted leave the training to Hume and the management to someone else (via

“One of the things that was going on with my career is Matt was handling my management and training me at the same time. That’s a lot of things Matt has to juggle. He’s a father and is running a gym and has (an executive role with ONE Championship). We decided it was time to bring somebody in to focus purely on negotiating with the UFC.”

The flyweight champion went on to explain how the decision was made to bring on Kawa.

“Me and Malki met back in 2012, when I won the belt in Toronto at UFC 152. He’s always kind of looked at my career. We always passed each other by and stuff. We figured it was time to make the team even stronger and bring in Malki Kawa. … We’re bringing on Malki Kawa to make the team stronger, and negotiations can go a lot smoother.”